The Hasbros are an American indie alt/pop band formed in New York City. The band originally formed

in the early 1980's. After growing pains, break ups and several personnel changes, the band finally

clicked in 1986 when guitarist Bob Hanophy answered an ad seeking musicians playing sounds similar

to his interests. It was at that audition that Bob realized that the guys he was jamming with didn't know

what the hell they were talking about. While they bickered between songs, Bob stood off to the side

and played Black Flag riffs and was surprisingly joined by the band’s 6’7” bass player, Ken O’Connor.

Bob left the audition and didn’t return their calls. After placing his own ad seeking musicians, Bob

received a call from a cool sounding bass player who, in as small a world as you can get in the NY

Metro area, turned out to be O’Connor. Bob and Ken were soon joined behind the drum kit by Joe

Gorelick. The Hanophy/O’Connor/Gorelick lineup played many NYC area shows, garnered favorable

press reviews and gathered a small following. The band opened for The Spin Doctors, They Might Be

Giants and other leading acts in the NY club scene. Gorelick departed the band in 1992. Hanophy and

O’Connor carried on for a bit until everyday life got in the way. Gorelick went on to tour extensively,

first playing in King Missile on their Atlantic Record’s U.S. tour debut, then creating the popular emo

punk band trio Garden Variety, later joining Washington DC’s Bluetip, 5 records and multiple TV

appearances with NYC trio Retisonic, (a UK tour with Springsteen’s faves) Marah, and finally

releasing two critically acclaimed LP's with Dischord records band Red Hare (ex-SWIZ).

Despite hectic schedules, The Hasbros reunited for a one off show at NYC's, "Arlene's Grocery" in

April of 2015, which sparked the band's interest in recording a long overdue LP. In 2017, the band,

descended upon Obscenic Arts Studio in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, to work with Anthony Esposito (Ace

Frehley, Lynch Mob, Red Dragon Cartel) to record the album, "Cart Before The Horse" which was

released in April, 2018. After garnering one favorable review after another for the LP, the band has

begun recording its still untitled follow LP, with the first single being dropped in January of 2020. That

single, Turn it Around, represents what listeners can look forward to, in an exciting year to come.

Band Members

Joe Gorelick - Drums/Vocals, sarcasm

Bob Hanophy- Guitars/Vocals & other miscellaneous sounds

Ken "Cardinal" O'Connor - Guitars, Bass & wild imagination

Listen Here for radio interview with celtica radio, wales uk

January 2020 interview of The Hasbros by Gareth Wyn Jones

The Hasbros 2020 with Gareth Wyn Jones (mp3)


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TURN IT AROUND - Single, January 2020

EVER AFTER NOW - Single, December 2018    From The LP, Cart Before The Horse 

DON'T SAY WHAT YOU MEAN - Single, April 2018  From The LP, Cart Before The Horse


Details: 12 Track vinyl LP + 4 additional tracks in the  included digital download bonus pack. Download via Amazon and iTunes. Vinyl exclusive at CD Baby

Full Discography

All Songs copyright by The Hasbros

TODAY - Single, Hear No Evil CD, Gault Records 1991

PICK ONE - Single, Reaction CD, Reaction Records 1992

HEARTS & FLOWERS - Single, Hear No Evil  Volume 2 CD, Gault Records 1993

CART BEFORE THE HORSE - LP,  Hasbin Records 2018

DON'T SAY WHAT YOU MEAN - Single from the Cart Before The Horse LP, Hasbin Records 2018

EVER AFTER NOW -   Single from the Cart Before The Horse LP, Hasbin Records 2018

TURN IT AROUND -  Single, Hasbin Records 2020